Educator Blogs

I was very eager to start looking at educator blogs after looking at classroom blogs. The classroom blogs showed me how blogging can be used in a classroom. Now I wanted to know how I can communicate with other adults! Crazy to think about since we are so often in a room with only children. I really look forward to opportunities that allow me to communicate with other professionals. Planning on your own can limit your ideas and resources. When we are given the opportunity, or find our own through blogging connections, we can expand our resources and grow as educators.

Edutech for Teachers: Cool Tools for the 21st Century Classroom

My attention was first focused on the QR code on the front page. This blog is full of tips, resources and activities to incorporate into the classroom. The layout and resources are very user friendly. Recent posts are listed on the side. I like this since I won’t always have time to visit this blog. When I come back to it there will be a list of post so I can explore what I missed! It also includes tags that direct you to topics throughout multiple post. So instead of searching for the topic you want information on, you can just click on it. This is such a time saver! There are so many resources and ways to explore this blog I found myself lost in the blog!

I spent some time lost in Tech It Up Tuesday: 50 Tools and Apps for Showcasing Student Knowledge. I often find myself thinking “how can the students do this or show their understanding”? This blog has an infographic showing both web and mobile resources to use with students so they can show what they know. Each type of resource is labeled to make it very user friendly. Some of the categories are audio recordings, collages, comics and many more!

This blog will be very useful as a planning tool. The resources and articles offer new ideas for teachers. Keeping updated on new tech tools will help teachers to be fully informed and ready to plan wonderful lessons.

The TechSpec Blog: much more than just tech support

I am finding educators’ blogs to be full of information and resources. I feel like I have been missing out on so much information that was right at my fingertips! This blog includes ideas for student activities like Bottle Flipping to Butter Flipping this is such a cool looking idea! Students love flipping bottles. Why not make it an educational experience! There are many other resources including social media and a link for school resources. The school resources are protected with a password so I am thinking these resources are used in the classroom with students.

As I started reading the Bottle Flipping to Butter Flipping I wanted to try it! This is a blog from a guest blogger. A blog post on the home page gives tips on blogging and one tip was to use guest bloggers. I never thought of this! It keeps information new and is helpful when you run out of ideas. This guest blogger listed the supplies, directions and very clearly labeled photographs.

This blog is very similar to Edutech for Teachers: Cool Tools for the 21st Century Classroom. It offers ideas and resources that will help teachers plan their lessons. The detailed activity can also be used to give directions to students. The detailed photographs make the directions very easy to follow. If the directions are already clear there is no need to remake the directions. The students can also compare their end results with the students’ results in the photographs!


Math Coach’s Corner caught my attention! The home page of the blog includes many highly interesting topics! These topics include guiding questions, math vocabulary, student reflection and many more! Many of the post link to other post on the same topic. This is helpful if you are looking for information on one topic. The blog also includes information on professional development sessions and a link to purchase books on the topics discussed. Teachers are not always looking to make more purchases but it’s helpful if you want to!

Student Self- Reflection is a hot topic! This post is very helpful in coaching students on self-reflection. The Math Coach included a photograph of a very helpful anchor chart. I am always looking for anchor charts and useful information I can use with my students now! If I don’t have to invent the wheel I don’t have to wait until I have time to do it. The post also includes a very helpful diagram showing the difference between encouraging students and giving the students a fixed mindset. This blog post is very similar to the first two educator blogs I reviewed. The information is mostly for the teacher. If teachers use the information they learn from the post it will make its way to the students.

All of these blogs are wonderful resources for teachers and library media specialist. A great way to get teachers to try using blogs is by sending a link to a useful resource. If teachers are given something useful and easy to use they are more likely to use it. We have all been given the idea we have to spend way too much time to figure out and in the end that’s not helpful. In addition to getting useful and easy resources to use, it is also helpful to have time! When teachers are given time during meetings or professional developments to explore they are more likely to use the resources. Make it interactive and engaging just like we do when we plan for students!




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